Year 2014
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Risks and opportunities

A number of sustainability-related risks are associated with Neste Oil’s operations. Risk management aims to identify, for example, these threats and support defining preventive measures. As Neste Oil does not have any oil exploration or drilling activities, this reduces our exposure to direct environmental risks significantly.

Sustainability is a business opportunity

Sustainability signifies opportunities for Neste Oil. Renewable fuels are one of the most significant means of responding to the growing need for energy in traffic, and therefore it brings growth potential for our business. NEXBTL technology, developed by us, offers growth also in other areas than traffic, for instance in the chemical industry.  

Risk Performance in 2014 Preventive measures Sustainability focus area
Procurement of refinery feedstocks and reputation risk associated with palm oil
  • No issues related to environmental aspects.
  • Finnish NGO Finnwatch discovered shortcomings related to labor rights while doing field observation in one of our palm oil suppliers plantation.
  • We only use traced and certified palm oil
  • We initiated actions to improve monitoring social issues better in our supply chain.
  • Open communication and reporting.
  • We cooperate closely with, for example with TFT (The Forest Trust), an organization focused on preventing deforestation.
People and process safety
  • People safety performance improved clearly. We reached targets both in people and process safety.
  • Clear safety rules.
  • We carried out a large safety training package.
  • We pay increasing attention especially on contractor safety.
Environmental impact of refining and transportation
  • No major environmental or transport-related incidents.
  • We continued environmental monitoring required in environmental permissions.
  • We continuously do inspections to our fleets and train personnel taking care of our transportations. 
Product liability
  • We supplied our customers with both statutory and voluntary product information.
  • We ensure that our clients have access to all the necessary and up-to-date information related to product safety.
Amendments to environmental legislation and legislation on renewable fuels
  • There were no legislative amendments that would have a negative impact on Neste Oil's operations.
  • We participate actively in discussion on amendments to legislation, and offer our expertise to support decisions.