Year 2014
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Stakeholder dialogue in 2014

We actively engage in dialogue with our various stakeholders and strive to take into account their expectations in our operations. We see stakeholder feedback as very valuable, also when it is not positive. Constructive criticism and the raising of issues provide opportunities for developing our operations.

Stakeholder dialogue takes place at many levels. Overall responsibility for stakeholder engagement lies with the company's Senior Vice President, Communications and Brand Marketing; Senior Vice President, Sustainability and Public Affairs; Vice President, Investor Relations; Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Safety; the Executive Vice Presidents of Neste Oil's business areas; and numerous experts across the company.

We encourage dialogue in social media

We are engaged with our stakeholders on a daily basis through a variety of communication and interaction channels. We encourage all company employees to take part in discussion on social media, among other channels. We organized several trainings on social media for our employees in 2014. Neste Oil has several social media channels in use that offer our stakeholders an easy way to reach us.

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NGO's field visit to palm oil plantations

Finnwatch, a Finnish NGO that investigates the global impact of corporate activity, approached us in summer 2014, wishing to visit a few of palm oil supplier IOI Group's plantations in Malaysia. We provided Finnwatch with access to the plantations of their choice in cooperation with the supplier. Finnwatch published a report detailing their observations at the plantations in September 2014.

Read more about the results of Finnwatch's report and our actions taken on the basis of them.

Read what Sonja Vartiala from Finnwatch thinks about our cooperation.

Cooperation to develop the sustainability of palm oil production

We continued our cooperation with The Forest Trust (TFT) that focuses on preventing de-forestation in 2014. During the cooperation, we have actively committed ourselves to seeking concrete ways to preventing deforestation together with palm oil producers and other stakeholders.

Read more about the progress of our cooperation with TFT in 2014.

Personnel reduction generated discussion among personnel

The adjustment of Neste Oil personnel to match the needs of the new organizational model generated significant amount of discussion among the company's personnel in 2014. The issue was discussed with the personnel in accordance with the Finnish Act on Co-operation within Undertakings.  We arranged several personnel events that focused on the matter. We communicated the news and openly answered media and employee questions on the subject. We also arranged several informational media events.

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EU's new climate decision and waste directive topical in 2014

EU leaders decided on a new climate objective for the EU Member States in October 2014. The new objective set was to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 40% as compared to the level of 1990 by 2030. In addition, the meeting decided to increase the use of renewable energy to 27% of the EU's total energy consumption. The meeting also requested the European Commission to propose ways to reduce traffic emissions, such as by using renewable fuels. The policy of promoting the use of renewable traffic fuels was important, but setting separate emissions objectives for traffic at the EU level would be the clearest option.

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We support legislators and other decision-makers in their work by making our specialist expertise and knowledge available on industry-related matters, and we aim to be an active participant in dialogue in both Finland and in an international context. We are committed to the EU's good advocacy practices by registering with the EU's Transparency Register.