Year 2014
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Economic contribution

For Neste Oil, financial sustainability means taking care of profitability and competitiveness. By operating profitably and competitively, we make ourselves a profitable investment, a significant employer, a reliable partner and a good corporate citizen.

We are the biggest company in Finland in terms of net sales, and growth in the Renewable Products business has also made us one of the biggest cleantech companies in the country. Our cleantech net sales amounted to EUR 2.3 (2.5) billion in 2014. Globally, we employ approximately 5,000 people.


Our financial impact by stakeholder group in 2014

Upon the preparation of annual accounts 2014 some presentation changes were made retrospectively for 2013 figures.


Owners and financers

Considerable impact on Finnish society and exports

Our operations have a considerable impact on the Finnish society. The taxes and tax-like charges paid by us support the maintenance of society and its services. We are also a significant collector of fuel and value added taxes in Finland.

We are the biggest exporter in Finland, and our refining operations have an annual positive impact of approximately EUR 2 billion on Finland's trade balance, compared to a theoretical situation in which no refineries are present in Finland and all petroleum products are imported.

See Neste Oil's tax contribution.

Stockpile fee and Oil Pollution Compensation Fund

We pay strategic stockpile fees on the fuels we sell to the Finnish National Emergency Supply Agency and oil protection fees on the crude oil that we import. The National Emergency Supply Agency is responsible for securing society's needs in the event of emergencies, while the Oil Pollution Compensation Fund, managed by the Ministry of the Environment, is responsible for acquiring equipment to deal with possible oil spills and for reimbursing people affected by spills when the cause of an incident is unknown, or the party responsible is unable to pay the compensation in question.