Year 2014
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What were our targets? Achievements in 2014 What next?
Increase ROACE (Return on Average Capital Employed, after tax) to at least 15% in the long-run
  • ROACE was 10.1% (11.7 %).
  • Continue working to achieve our long-term ROACE target.
Involving stakeholders, and active stakeholder cooperation
  • The Stakeholder Advisory Panel convened two times.
  • We cooperated with NGO Finnwatch when they studied the sustainability of palm oil sourcing by Finnish companies.
  • Discussions with NGOs continued in Europe, the US, and Asia.
  • We continued collaboration with The Forest Trust (TFT), an organization focused on preventing deforestation.
  • Continue to encourage stakeholder involvement, and participate more actively in debate.
Provide wider reporting on Neste Oil's tax footprint
  • We published our tax strategy and tax information to the same extent as in 2013.
  • Continue developing how we report our tax contribution.
Make our expertise available to decision-makers
  • We were involved in the drafting of statutes in Europe and the US, for example, by providing our expert opinion.
  • Continue providing expertise.