Year 2014
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Safety is a number one priority in our operations. Our employees and partners work under challenging conditions, and therefore the importance of safety is emphasized. We want to be among the best European oil companies in terms of safety. Our safety vision is crystallized in three things: we work safely and professionally always and everywhere, the only way is towards zero injuries, and we want to go home healthy after a safe working day.

What were our targets? Achievements in 2014 What next?
Reduce the number of process safety incidents (PSER <3.0)
  • The target was achieved. PSER was 3.0 (3.0).
  • PSER < 2.7
Reduce Total Recordable Injury Frequency (TRIF) to 3.3
  • The target was not achieved. TRIF was 2.7 (4.2).
  • TRIF < 2.7*
Carry out at least 30,000 preventive measures
  • We carried out 29,400 (30,064) reported preventive measures. ** Decline in number of measures was mainly due to withdrawing from shipping operations.
  • The number of preventive measures was 28,000. We will pay special attention to more efficient use of the reports.

* Neste Oil's long-term target is zero accidents.
** Includes observation tours, safety inspections, and near miss reporting.