Year 2014
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Wellbeing at work

We believe that wellbeing at work is fundamental to the company's success. We think that the keys to meaningful work and wellbeing at work are found in the development of an individual's competencies, a motivating atmosphere that encourages development, a safe working environment and good health. We aim to improve everyone's daily work by paying particular attention to management and managerial work, and by developing an encouraging culture and workplace skills throughout our organization.

A good balance between work and other life also has a significant effect on wellbeing at work. At Neste Oil, supervisors are responsible for monitoring the hours put in by the members of their teams, and they are encouraged to discuss time management and priorities with their people. Flexible working hours and working from home provide additional freedom for personnel with jobs that can benefit from these practices. We also offer personnel leisure time activities, such as clubs and gyms.

Ways of promoting wellbeing at work and occupational health at Neste Oil:

  • Personnel survey and analyzing its results in an empowering way
  • Regular performance and development discussions
  • Emphasis on managerial work and competence development
  • Regular feedback
  • Integrated occupational health care: check-ups, preventive health-related advice, and medical care
  • Culture that encourages development
  • Measures concerning the safety and comfort of the workplace
  • Sickness and insurance cover
  • Early rehabilitation and Neste Oil's rehabilitation courses
  • Guidance on alcohol and drug abuse and access to appropriate care
  • Early support model
  • Reassignment to alternative work
  • Employee club activities
  • Support for leisure time activities
  • Encouraging personnel to adopt a healthy life style and various health promotion campaigns

Wellbeing at work is the result of daily work

Neste Oil continued the implementation of the wellbeing at work plan in 2014. The program aims to make wellbeing at work an integral part of day-to-day operations of employees and teams. A wellbeing at work leaflet intended for use as a tool in wellbeing at work reviews, discussions in teams and one-on-one performance discussions was handed over to all Neste Oil employees. 

Neste Oil paid particular attention to the development of good workplace skills in 2014. Team discussions in which employees could discuss their views of good workplace skills, such as completing work, renewal, and appreciation of others and their work, were organized at the Naantali refinery, for example.

Early support model guidelines were renewed

Neste Oil uses an early support model aimed at identifying factors that might undermine people’s ability to do their job, discuss about them at an early stage and address them before they become a real problem. We updated the early support guidelines in 2014, making the model an even clearer part of day-to-day managerial work and performance management.

Instead of sick leave, the new guidelines aim to primarily pay attention to earlier signs of impaired wellbeing at work and ability to work. An electronic tool for monitoring sick leaves and early care discussions has been developed to support the model. Early support training to improve managers' discussion skills will be organized in 2015-2016, and the model will be adopted in all Neste Oil countries.

Alternative work and reassignment help in continuing work

Neste Oil's aim is to continuously reduce the amount of sick leave taken by personnel by developing working conditions and making use of various alternative solutions. Personnel injured in accidents at work, for example, are offered alternative work during their recovery. If an employee cannot continue in their current duties due to health reasons, we attempt to modify their job descriptions or reassign them permanently to more suitable duties.

Four people were successfully reassigned or had their job descriptions changed in 2014.

Occupational health care supports wellbeing

Neste Oil’s occupational health care focuses on the prevention, caring for, and following up of work-related illnesses. The number of cases of work-related illnesses and diseases continues to remain low. No work-related illnesses were reported in 2014.

Occupational health care services are provided at Neste Oil’s main locations in Finland (Porvoo, Espoo, and Naantali) by the company’s own occupational health care units. Occupational health care at other locations in Finland and overseas is sourced from external service providers. Services in Finland are supplemented through voluntary membership of the Enerkemi Insurance Fund and the Kilpilahti Sickness Fund.

An electronic medical check-up practice is in use at Neste Oil, improving the appropriate targeting of medical check-ups. When invited to a medical check-up, each employee responds to a questionnaire based on which the employee can personally assess their need for follow-up measures or support.