Year 2014
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Developing people’s skills and expertise

We continuously develop the competencies of our personnel to match the changing needs of our business operations and the overall business environment. The development of employees' professional and strategic competencies supports our achieving short- and long-term business goals as well as promoting work satisfaction.

Development at work is supported with regular performance and development discussions and mentoring and development programs.

Safety is a significant part of the professional skill of Neste Oil employees, and we have increasingly invested in safety training in recent years.

Read more about Neste Oil's safety training.

Development discussions and job rotation help people progress in their careers

Twice a year, all Neste Oil employees have performance and development discussions with their supervisors, setting motivating targets, evaluating performance, and reviewing issues related to employees’ personal development. The aim is to harmonize the setting of targets and to develop performance management with, for example, an HR system that is under development, scheduled for adoption during 2015.

Performance and development discussions covered 81% (82%) of personnel in 2014, excluding service station personnel in Russia.

Job rotation is also used in HR development and in committing personnel to the company. Needs and willingness related to job rotation are surveyed in the development discussions, and job rotation is jointly planned with the supervisor. In 2014, 9.1% (8.4%) of employees switched to new jobs. The long-term target for annual job rotation is 6–8%.

Customer perspective increasingly involved in development activities

All of Neste Oil's development programs increasingly emphasized the customer perspective in 2014, and training was adapted to better match business needs. For example, in 2014 we underlined the development of the skills of those working in the customer interface in sales.

We have been paying particular attention to supervisory work for years. In fact, Neste Oil offers development programs for both new and more experienced managers. In 2014, a separate version of the development program for new managers was customized for supervisors working in the Russian terminals.

In addition to supervisors, customized training is offered to specialists and those with project management responsibilities. Successful implementation of projects is critical as the success of Neste Oil's strategy is being supported by a number of significant projects. In 2014, all of our specialists in Singapore completed the specialist training program.

There are both Finnish and global versions of all of Neste Oil's development programs. The programs are closely linked to our Way Forward initiative.

Read more about the Way Forward initiative.

Training opportunities also guaranteed for shift workers

Work often takes place in shifts at Neste Oil's refineries, and we want to ensure that shift workers also have access to regular training. Therefore, we have included training days in each work shift calendar. Training days have been in use in Porvoo for several years now, and they were also adopted at the Naantali refinery in 2014. The training programs focus on matters related to the daily work of production personnel, such as product chains, safety, and information systems.

Vocational qualifications available to production personnel – same opportunity offered to maintenance personnel soon

Vocational qualification groups are active in production at the Naantali and Porvoo refineries, developing competencies through diverse skills tests and exercises. In 2014, we prepared the content of a similar vocational qualification and launching a degree group in maintenance. The completion of vocational qualifications and special vocational qualifications is tied to the new salary system based on skills and its development, adopted at the refineries in 2013.


Participation in Neste Oil's training programs (number of participants)  2014 2013   2012
Training for new managers  54  69  87
Extended management training 45  72  71
Specialist training 65  110  38
Project management training  57  35  27


Training-related investments, MEUR  2014 2013 2012
  3.1  3.5  3.6