Year 2014
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What were our targets? Achievements in 2014 What next?
Introduce new job description model, and job grade system across the Group
  • The new job description model, and job grade system were introduced.
  • We will monitor the new classification, and evaluate how it works.
Introduce new short-term incentive system
  • New short-term incentive system was introduced.
  • We will monitor the functionality of the system, and develop it based on our observations.
  • We will pilot a new performance management model in Singapore.


Going forward with the HR system revamp
  • The planning stage of the revamp was finalized, but the project did not reach the implementation phase in 2014.
  • The system will be introduced during 2015. 
Develop wellbeing at work
  • Wellbeing at work was discussed amongst the teams, and in development discussions.
  • We organized workgroup discussions on wellbeing at work.
  • Continue implementing Neste Oil's wellbeing at work plan.
Promoting ‘Way Forward’ way of working
  • We continued to implement the ‘Way Forward’ operating model, launched in 2013, including it in the HR processes.
  • Continue implementing ‘Way Forward’ as a more integral part of the business and HR processes.
6–8% of personnel takes part in job rotation every year
  • 9.1% (8.4%) of personnel took part in job rotation.
  • Neste Oil encourages people to try job rotation.