Year 2014
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Neste Oil aims to reduce traffic-related greenhouse gas and other emissions and contributes to combating climate change by producing cleaner traffic fuel solutions. The spearhead of the company's climate goals is reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the use of renewable diesel. We also continuously measure the emissions to air from our own operations and reports on them in detail. We also take part in curbing climate change through participation in organizations.

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Involved in challenging Finland to take faster environmental action

In 2014, Neste Oil joined the Climate Leadership Council, which aims to enhance Finland's ability to seize the business opportunities provided by climate change and to ensure the sufficiency of natural resources. Other members include Sitra, Fortum, KONE, Outotec, Caverion, and ST1.

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Performance in carbon and forest footprint assessments improved

Neste Oil reports on its carbon footprint in accordance with the criteria established by the Carbon Disclosure Project, and forest footprint through the CDP Forest program.

Our performance in terms of disclosure of information improved from 72 to 87 (scale of 0–100), which is a good result on the Nordic level. Climate performance is ranked A–E, and Neste Oil's classification improved from C to B.

The CDP Forest program measures the use of commodities that cause the risk of deforestation and how well companies are aware of the risks of their operations. We are one of the few companies in the energy industry to report through the CDP Forest program.

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Positive net climate impact

Neste Oil is one of the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide in Finland, but at the same time, our customers reduce emissions through the use of NEXBTL renewable diesel more than the amount caused by the company's entire production. The direct greenhouse gas emissions from Neste Oil's operations were 3.2 (3.6) million tons in 2014, and the reduction in emissions through renewable diesel produced by the company was 5.6 (4.8) million tons. The achieved reduction in emissions equaled approx. 48% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions of road traffic in Finland. In addition to growth in production volumes, the increase in the reduction of emissions was primarily due to increased use of waste and residues.