Year 2014
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Cleaner and safe products

In accordance with our strategy, we offer our customers solutions that place less burden on the environment. Our renewable and oil products offer consumers and business customers' cleaner solutions for transport and traffic. We also offer renewable solutions to the needs of the chemical industry, among others.

Our products are based on careful R&D work to ensure their safe use and their compatibility with customer requirements.

Most of the products sold by Neste Oil are classified as hazardous, and therefore it is important to ensure the safe handling of products throughout their life cycle. We also make sure that the information needed for handling the product safely is readily available to our customers, and that our products meet the requirements of national and international legislation.

Renewable diesel for millions of cars

The use of our NEXBTL renewable diesel makes it possible to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 40–90% throughout the whole product life cycle when compared to fossil diesel. We produced enough NEXBTL diesel in 2014 to power around 2.8 (2.6) million cars for a year. The reduction in emissions that could be achieved through NEXBTL renewable diesel produced in 2014 totaled to 5,6 (4,8) million tons, which is equivalent to approx. 48% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions from road traffic in Finland.

Read more about the reduction in emissions achieved through NEXBTL use.

Low-sulfur bunker fuel launched

We launched a new low-sulfur bunker fuel that meets the requirements of the new EU Sulfur Directive in 2014. The new fuel will significantly reduce sulfur and particle emissions in marine transport. We will supply the product to Tallink Grupp's and Finnlines' vessels, among others. The product will be sold both on the domestic market in Finland and for export.

Neste Pro Diesel in the Lithuanian market

In 2014, we also initiated sales of Neste Pro Diesel that has NEXBTL diesel as one component, on the Lithuanian market. Neste Pro Diesel contains at least 15% renewable diesel, allowing consumers to easily reduce their carbon footprint. Previously, the product was available only in Finland.

Read more about the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions through NEXBTL 

Renewable alternative to propane

In 2014, we announced a decision to build a biopropane plant to our Rotterdam refinery. The project was launched immediately, and the aim is to start biopropane sales at the end of 2016. The product is equivalent to fossil propane with regard to its properties, but places less of a burden on the environment. We will supply all biopropane produced in Rotterdam to the Dutch energy company SHV Energy. Replacing fossil fuels with biopropane will result in significantly lower carbon dioxide emissions.

NEXBTL renewable aviation fuel tested by Boeing

Airplane manufacturer Boeing successfully tested our NEXBTL aviation fuel as a component of its aviation fuel in 2014. The test flight was made with a Boeing 787 Dreamliner in the United States, and renewable diesel accounted for 15% of the fuel for the second engine of the plane. Boeing is planning to continue testing the fuel. Aviation is one of our target markets.