Year 2014
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Cleaner solutions are found from the core of our strategy. Moving from place to place and transportations are essential part of living and society's operations. Moving cannot be stopped, so we need to create new solutions for it.

Our high-quality and lower-emission renewable products offer our customers a possibility to decrease the carbon footprint from their own operations and fulfill legislative obligations related to the use of renewable energy. We want to be our customers' partner that does not only offer products but a solution. The comprehensive solutions defined in cooperation with our customers create added value to our customers, their customers, and us. 

New strategic targets

In 2014, we defined two new strategic targets:

  1. We want to be Baltic Sea downstream champion.

    The Baltic region is our home market where we want to strengthen our position further. The strong competitiveness of our refinery is based on its advanced production structure and excellent location, considering our customer base and feedstock procurement. NEXBTL renewable diesel makes our product offering unique to consumers, business customers, and fuel distributors.

  2. We want to grow in the global renewable feedstock-based markets.

    We are the world's largest producer of renewable diesel. We are able to refine NEXBTL diesel based on our proprietary technology from over ten different renewable feedstocks globally in our four production units. We are now stepping into a new stage. We are seeing interesting growth opportunities also outside the fuel market. We are enthusiastic about bio-based chemistry products that can replace fossil ones.