Year 2014
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Achievements in 2014

Our targets Achievements in 2014 What next?
Maintain Neste Oil's leading position in the Baltic region
  • Neste Oil retained its strong position in the Baltic, which accounted for approximately 65% of petroleum product sales.
  • We strengthened our position in the Baltic wholesale market in particular.
  • We launched new customer solutions to meet biomandate requirements.
  • Further strengthen Neste Oil's position in the Baltic region by developing our customer offering.
  • Develop new solutions to respond to biolegislation development.
  • Develop the product and service offering related to bunker fuels to match new legislation.

Improve operational efficiency and strengthen the additional margin by increasing refineries' availability and decreasing safety and quality incidents

  • The additional margin remained stable even though the availability of refineries fell short of the target
  • Total recordable injury frequency (TRIF) decreased from the previous year to 2.7 (4.2).
  • Number of delivery incidents decreased


  • Ensure the improvement of refineries' availability with an extensive program (including a preventive maintenance program)
  • Continue the work to decrease the number of safety and quality incidents
Strengthen long-term competitiveness by responding to market changes and customer needs
  • We decided to organize our Finnish refineries into a single entity
  • We made an investment decision to build a feedstock pre-treatment unit in Porvoo and are investigating the structural change of the Naantali refinery
  • With the changes, we pursue an improvement in our product distribution and cost-efficiency (production of heavy fuel oil will decrease by 25% while the production volume of middle distillates increases)
  • We made a decision on building a new hydrogen unit in collaboration with an external partner.


  • We will implement the agreed investments and changes in operational methods as planned, paying particular attention to change management.
  • We will determinedly develop the flexibility of our feedstock use in order to ensure our capability of taking advantage of future opportunities.
Benefiting from the growth in the base oil market
  • Sales in North America and Europe increased 26 tons.
  • We will continue developing our operations to meet our customers' needs even better.