Year 2014
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Key figures
20142013Change, %
Income statement, EUR million
Operating profit150632-76
Comparable operating profit583596-2
Profit before income tax78561-86
Profitability, %
Return on equity (ROE)2.119.2-89
Return on capital employed, pre-tax (ROCE)3.313.4-75
Return on average capital employed, after tax (ROACE)10.111.7-14
Financing and financial position
Total equity, EUR million2,6592,924-9
Interest-bearing net debt, EUR million1,6211,25229
Capital employed, EUR million4,5264,682-3
Equity-to-assets ratio, %41.041.6-1
Leverage ratio, %37.930.026
Net cash from operating activities, EUR million248839-70
Share-related indicators
Earnings per share (EPS), EUR0.222.04-89
Dividend per share, EUR0.65 1)0.650
Dividend payout ratio290.4 1)31.8813
Comparable dividend payout ratio40.734.319
Share price at the end of the year, EUR20.0614.3740
Average share price, EUR15.7713.0621
Highest share price, EUR20.3217.3317
Lowest share price, EUR13.2410.1331
Market capitalization at the end of the year, EUR million5,1433,68540
Other indicators
Equity per share, EUR10.3411.36-9
Cash-out investments, EUR million27221427
Average number of personnel4,9895,097-2
R&D expenditure, EUR million40400
Refining margin, USD/bbl9.839.602
Total Recordable Injury Frequency per million hours worked (TRIF)2.74.2-36
1) Board of Directors’ proposal to the Annual General Meeting