Year 2014
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Business areas in brief

Neste Oil's business operations are divided into three business areas: Oil Products, Renewable Products, and Oil Retail. There are four reporting segments: Oil Products, Renewable Products, Oil Retail, and Others.

Business area Oil Products Renewable Products Oil Retail
  • Sales of petroleum products to wholesale customers
  • Sales of NEXBTL renewable diesel, NEXBTL renewable aviation fuel, and NEXBTL renewable naphtha to B-to-B and wholesale customers
  • Sales of petroleum and renewable products to end-users and distributors
  • EUR 11,285 million
  • EUR 2,269 million
  • EUR 4,294 million
Comparable operating profit
  • EUR 285 million
  • EUR 239 million
  • EUR 68 million
Share of Neste Oil's revenue
  • 59%
  • 12%
  • 29%
  • 1,721
  • 255
  • 1,356
Main market areas
  • Europe and North America
  • Europe and North America
  • Finland and the Baltic Rim
  • Oil companies and businesses marketing oil, lubricants and fuel products
  • Oil companies and other wholesale customers
  • Consumers via the Neste Oil station network and fleet users, aviation, marine, industrial and agricultural customers, heating customers, and distributors
  • 15 million t/a
  • 2 million t/a.
    Our target is to increase the capasity to 2.3 million tons in 2015, and to 2.6 million tons by 2017.
  • 786 stations in Finland
  • 248 stations in Northwest Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
Strategic role
  • To maximize the cash flow provided by selling the products of Neste Oil refines
  • To generate profitable growth on the expanding market for premium-quality base oil
  • To generate profitable growth on the expanding market for premium-quality renewable products
  • To act as a marketing channel for Neste Oil's products
  • To maximize cash flow generated by product sales
  • To leverage market potential in the Baltic Sea region
  • Premium-quality products
  • Ability to supply customers with traffic fuel solutions flexibly and reliably
  • One of Europe's most advanced refineries at Porvoo
  • Feedstock flexibility
  • Premium-quality products that are suitable for existing distribution systems, engines or processes and enable substituting fossil products with renewable ones flexibly
  • Reliable production technology that offers a high degree of feedstock flexibility and enables the use of a wide range of sustainably produced raw materials
  • Global customer base and supply chain
  • Premium-quality products
  • Strong brand
  • Extensive station network
  • Competitive unit costs
  • Value-added customer solutions
Key drivers for business
  • Economic growth
  • Growing demand for energy
  • Growing demand for petroleum products
  • Tougher lubricant requirements and the shift to premium-quality base oil
  • Developments in engine technology
  • Climate change and emissions reduction
  • Mandated use of renewable energy, especially in Europe and the US
  • Energy security and reducing society’s dependence on crude oil
  • Growth in traffic and transport
  • Motorists’ growing service-related expectations
  • Growing number of cars on the road
  • Developments in engine technology
  • New cars and fuels (e.g. biofuels and electric cars)
Market position
  • Strong position in the wholesale market around the Baltic
  • Leading global supplier of Group lll base oils
  • The leading producer of renewable diesel
  • Significant market share in Europe and North America
  • Leading position in traffic fuels in Finland
  • One of the largest operators in the field in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and the St. Petersburg area in Northwest Russia
Most significant competitors
  • Other advanced refiners in Russia, Northwest Europe, and the Middle East
  • US-based Dynamic Fuels and Diamond Green Diesel
  • In Europe; ENI and UPM, when it begins production
  • Producers of conventional biodiesel
  • In Finland: ABC, St1, and Lukoil (operates in Finland as Teboil)
  • In the Baltic countries and Northwest Russia: Statoil and Lukoil