Year 2014
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Safety at the major turnaround in Porvoo

The largest turnaround in the company's history will take place at Neste Oil's Porvoo refinery in April–June 2015. During turnarounds, taking place once every 4–5 years, a refinery's production lines are shutdown for equipment maintenance, inspection, and replacement.

The implementation phase of the spring turnaround with the refinery shutdowns and ramp-ups will take a few months, but its planning was already at full steam a few years ago. Antti Nissinen, the Project Manager of the turnaround, emphasizes that comprehensive planning is the key to a successful and safe turnaround.

"During the turnaround, there will be several contractors and a total of approximately 5,000 people working in the refinery area. From the safety point of view, it is important that the coordination of work has been planned carefully and cooperation between contractors is good. Everyone must be aware of how to take others into account in their own operations. Safety is not a separate matter, but an integral part of all activities," says Nissinen.

Turnaround turns the refinery into a major construction site

The refinery becomes a huge construction site during the turnaround, which results in specific safety requirements.

"During the turnaround, the safety regulations concerning construction sites must also be met. The safety and environmental requirements of the turnaround were already presented to the contractors in the tendering phase. We require our contractors to have their own safety plans, which are jointly reviewed. Everyone must be committed to the common safety rules," Jarkko Hupanen, Turnaround Safety Manager, says.

During the turnaround, safety will be measured by the number of safe turnaround days, i.e. how many days have been worked without accidents, leaks or fires. In addition, a certain number of safety observations and reports are included in the requirements for a safe turnaround day.

Employee training is an important part of preventive safety work

Training employees who will be taking part in the turnaround is also an important part of preventive safety work.

"We have invested even more resources than before in training and in planning its structure. We aim to increasingly make use of various training methods, such as interactive online training," Hupanen says. "The best thing is that we always learn something from every turnaround," he continues.